BevSpot Launches Channel Partner Network

September 12, 2017

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Restaurateurs embody the ultimate entrepreneurial spirit—following their passion to deliver their guests the best experiences in a challenging industry.

While we all live in an increasing technologically-connected world, the $799 billion U.S. restaurant industry still operates with limited visibility into the factors that drive profit margins. Having worked with thousands of restaurateurs, and being in the family business myself, I understand the struggle.

That’s why I’m excited to announce BevSpot’s Industry Partner Network, the industry’s only channel-distribution model for bar management software. Channel partners can now offer their clients the best-in-class bar management solution to grow their business.

Why An Industry Partner Network

At BevSpot, we understand that bar owners and managers rely heavily on vendors and trusted advisors to succeed. We aim to empower our partners to sell technology that will change how their clients manage their beverage programs, and ultimately improve their bottom line. Just as POS technology transformed the restaurant industry, there is a massive opportunity for cloud software to disrupt the bar industry.

Throughout my experience in restaurant software at Upserve and Fishbowl, I’ve seen how successful this channel-distribution model can be for partners and clients alike. By enabling partners with software that delivers immediate ROI to their clients, partners strengthen trust among their client base and expand their core business portfolio.

Why Partner with BevSpot

As a BevSpot Industry Partner, you’ll earn a meaningful revenue share for introducing your clients to BevSpot. We partner with POS VARs, restaurant consultants, and other suppliers that have established relationships built on trust. Together, we’ll delight your clients. Our dedicated Partner Account Executives handle all product demonstrations, as well as new customer on-boarding, training, and support. You book the demo, we deliver results.

With BevSpot, your clients will experience:

  • Faster, collaborative inventory management
  • Smarter ordering based on inventory usage and pars
  • Visibility into sales performance metrics, such as pour cost and sales—so they can maximize margins

“BevSpot is the best value-add solution I’ve ever brought to my bar/restaurant clients. I’m excited to support a product and team that shares the same mission as me—deliver ROI and keep bars and restaurants in business. Since partnering with BevSpot, my clients have even referred me to their network and now I’ve got a flood of POS prospects lined up thanks to the value I’ve helped deliver.”
—Nick, POS Dealer


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