Connect with your sales data to get real-time insights

Connect to any POS to identify profitable items, find discrepancies between items sold and inventory used, see cost percentages, and more. Smart, fast data for smart, fast decisions.

A mock-up of Bevspot's Sales reporting tool

What you can do with sales reporting

Sort Your Way

Create categories to find the top-performing items in the most important areas, from cocktails to sides to entrees.

Reduce Inefficiencies

See where product variance is hurting you and root out the problem with connected and automatically updating sales and inventory.

Get Fast Data

Because BevSpot connects data throughout the system, you get valuable insights in real time, allowing you to see how profitable your menu is and where to cut costs.

Make Decisions

By cutting your sales and inventory analysis work in half, BevSpot frees you to make actual decisions to move your business forward.

A mock-up of the Expected Inventory report A mock-up of the Variance report A mock-up of the profit report

See how reporting works for everyone on your team.