Why Accountants love BevSpot


of BevSpot customers open new locations each year

50% less

time with no double entry of invoices

0 minutes

spent waiting for COGS from operators

Data You Can Use

BevSpot provides you with itemized invoice and ordering data including purchase price, amount, and vendor ID. Do it via export or Quickbooks integration.

1-data accountants

Time Saving Integrations

BevSpot integrates not only with the top POS tools but also with PlateIQ, a well-known invoice processing solution for restaurants. With PlateIQ + BevSpot you can digitize your invoices once and use them in multiple systems.

An illustration of a report being imported to BevSpot

Simplify Your Workflow

Our powerful but easy-to-use technology connects the dots between you and the restaurant operator with reports like Cost of Goods Sold, Price Tracker, and Profitability.