BevSpot makes your inventory data work for you

Know what you need before you run out. Organize sheet to shelf. Monitor inventory on any device. BevSpot skyrockets your inventory efficiency, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

A mock-up of BevSpot's inventory feature

What you can do with inventory

Stay ahead of the game

BevSpot means faster inventory. We automatically update your inventory based on sales, so you stay on top of your data with half the work. Less time buried in spreadsheets = more time running a great restaurant.

Customize to fit your business

Organize inventory sheet to shelf with unlimited storage areas to match your space, from liquor room to walk-in cooler. And Offline Mode lets you input and save data even in places where the internet doesn’t quite reach.

Reduce sitting inventory

Using Excel? Onboard easily to BevSpot, which eliminates entry work and gives you smarter and faster inventory data tools like our visual bottle slider. Our software helps you reduce sitting inventory with minimal effort.

Real-time percentage costs

BevSpot analyzes down-to-the-ingredient data to alert you of changing percentage costs. This lets you tweak your ordering and recipes intelligently to stay as profitable as possible.

1-sort_strategically_inventory count_quickly A mock-up of BevSpot's inventory program highlighting the ability to export inventory.

See how inventory works for everyone on your team.