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BevSpot and Toast Integration Helps Bars and Restaurants Succeed

August 15, 2018

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BevSpot logo and toast logo indicating a partnership between the two companies

The restaurant industry has no shortage of technology options to choose from these days. But with the proliferation of apps and software to do every single thing in your establishment, the result can be lots of disparate systems providing useful but disconnected information. To make the smartest decisions, that data is often best understood holistically.

It would be ideal if key systems had a closer relationship to better support the success of your restaurant.

Enter the BevSpot x Toast integration.

Our mission is to empower the global food and beverage industry with technology, which means partnering with the companies that can help our clients, and the restaurant industry at large, move forward. This partnership ensures that BevSpot and Toast clients are able to seamlessly use their Toast POS sales data to make smarter ordering and inventory decisions and have even quicker access to the overall health of their business.

The out-of-the-box integration combines item-level point-of-sale data from Toast with inventory and ordering data available in BevSpot without the need for spreadsheets, uploads, or exports.

Our integration results in these key benefits:

  • No uploads, no exports. There’s no need to log into Toast to export sales data. Sales stream into your BevSpot account for seamless integration. You can submit a report for processing simply by selecting the dates in BevSpot.
  • Leave the data entry behind. Any new menu items will flow automatically into BevSpot, so you can manage recipes and cost out drinks without creating them one by one.
  • Consistent terminology. The exact names and menu groups set up in Toast will be used in BevSpot, providing consistency across both platforms. This means clean data.
  • Bye, bye duplicates. No need to complete steps in two places for systems that work best together.

“Whether you’re a single-location bar owner or CEO of a restaurant group, you’re constantly looking for ways to streamline operations and improve your bottom line,” said Rory Crawford, CEO of BevSpot. “As a Toast API Partner, customers will no longer have to wait for their Toast sales data to push over to BevSpot to view their insights. With this direct integration, the data will be at their fingertips in real-time. We’re proud to partner with Toast and are excited for what this means for the industry.”

For bars and restaurants looking for an integrated solution, Toast and BevSpot are pleased to offer an exclusive hardware-software discount. Interested users will receive the Toast Terminal Bundle and two months of the BevSpot Pro subscription for free—up to a $2,000 value.


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