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Inventory Mock

Take inventory any time, any where.

Take inventory faster than ever with shelf to sheet sorting, custom storage areas, offline mode and more.

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A mock-up of an ordering screen in BevSpot

Order confidently in just one click, no matter where you are.

Order from your vendors right in BevSpot, and use features like Smart Cart and Expected Inventory to fill your cart based on weekly usage or pars.

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A mock-up of the recipe costing screen in BevSpot

Master your cost percentage with recipes and menu items.

Easily create and manage recipes, track cost percentage and ingredient price changes, then swap ingredients in and out of recipes to create the tastiest and most profitable menu for your business.

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A mock-up of a graph from BevSpot's Reporting feature

Get fast and insightful analytics to help you manage your business.

Our reports include helpful charts and graphs making it easy to track and compare sitting inventory and COGS. Our price tracker shows price fluctuations overtime and helps you to identify opportunities to save.

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A mock-up of a variance screen in BevSpot

Monitor item-level variance and menu profitability.

BevSpot connects sales and inventory to your POS system for a complete picture of what you’re selling.

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