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Introducing the Redesigned Inventory Experience

December 5, 2017

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We’re rolling out big updates to BevSpot inventory—it’s faster, easier to use, and even works offline.

Over the last year, we’ve focused on creating a new design and engineering system that will help us build new, scalable features for our growing mix of customers and their unique needs. You saw the first signs of this implemented on the new My Items page, the Usage Report and the Excess Inventory Report.

Today we’re excited to launch a new, faster BevSpot inventory (now called Inventory Count), rebuilt from the ground up on our new design and engineering system, and based on extensive customer testing.

BevSpot Inventory Count: what’s new?

Offline mode

There are “hard to reach” spots in many restaurants—basements, walk-ins, creepy storage units—so we knew that it had to work in places without a solid internet connection. You can now quickly switch between storage areas, search on the page, and add products from My Items, even when you’re offline. 

Simply load the page on any device while connected to the internet and start your count. When you’re done, move back to an area with a connection, and you’ll see a “Saving…” message as BevSpot automatically syncs your changes to the cloud.

image of the updated bevspot inventory experience

Interface redesign

While everything in Inventory Count has been updated, it should feel familiar to current users. The biggest visual change is the new Storage Areas navigation and progress bars. All of your storage areas are visible on any device, featured on the left side of the screen on larger devices and in the header on smaller devices. The new progress bar and counter illustrates your count progress, as well as the dollar value of what you’re counting in real time, based on your current pricing.

image of the updated bevspot inventory on a smartphone and tablet

More customer-requested features

Some of the most requested features we get include the ability to add products to your cart straight from inventory and the ability to edit storage area counts on the summary page—both of which we’ve added in the revamped Count Summary page. From here, it’s easy to adjust counts and add items to different storage areas.

image of the updated bevspot inventory experience

There are many other small improvements that make the whole BevSpot inventory experience better. Read the full detailed list here. Some of these improvements include:

  • Inventory “locations” are now called “storage areas.”
  • Edit pars from the summary page. Pars are now total, not broken out by storage area.
  • The new negative usage warning links directly to a summary view sorted by usage, so you can take action on a possible count error.
  • Managing storage areas is faster and easier—drag-and-drop to reorder the areas.
  • “Assign items” is accessible from anywhere in the count and features an improved interface for bulk adding items to different areas.
  • You can now rearrange by count order. Choose to reorder your storage area to match the order you last counted it in, preview before you commit, and drag-and-drop from the preview to further tweak the order.

What’s next?

We’re rolling out the improved BevSpot inventory over the next month and a half to ensure the best experience for all of our users. You’ll receive an email and see a notification on your BevSpot Dashboard about a week before your migration date.

Get the new, now!

However, if you want to try the new experience sooner—shoot us an email at and we’ll add your account to the next update release.

Join the Early Access Tester Program

Are you interested in helping us test future features? Not afraid of running into a bug here and there? Email and let us know you want to be on the list.

We’ve been testing these new inventory features with a select group of early access testers over the past few weeks and have already integrated a bunch of their suggestions and feedback into the launch version—make your mark on BevSpot, join the program.

As always, feedback wanted!

We’re always looking for more ideas and insights—our product is made for you, so tell us what you want! Use the Contact link in the main nav of your account to fill out the feedback form. We read every single submission and will follow up with you if you’d like.

More resources

  • Read the full list of changes in our Release Notes: Big Updates and a Redesigned Inventory Count
  • Read the full Inventory Count documentation


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