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The Most Popular Local Beer Brands in Washington, D.C. Bars

By Stephen Ngo


Stephen Ngo

March 22, 2017

Posted in Restaurant Management, Industry & Culture

Though American craft brewing has flourished since the ‘80s, the DC area was very, very late to the game. In fact, until DC Brau began production in 2011, no breweries had operated in the city since 1956.

Since that inflection point, the local brewing scene has exploded: scores of craft breweries now operate in the greater Washington area. Local beers are making their way from breweries to DC bars—including BevSpot users.

We’ve broken down our bar order data to find the most popular beer brands for Washington, D.C.-based BevSpot users, both locally-made and overall. Subscribe to see how these evolve quarterly as our user base grows!

The following material aggregates 2016 and early 2017 distributor order data from BevSpot users in the greater Washington, DC metro area; the majority of these users are in the city proper. All figures represent percentages of orders in dollar terms.

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  1. As much as D.C. Brau was the first production brewery the first brewery in D.C. since Heurich Brewing Co. closed was Capitol City Brewing Co. in 1992. Then Dock Street (later John Harvard), District Chophouse, Gordon Biersch etc. and these were all brewpubs.

  2. I see you’re presenting everything in %’s.

    But what’s the sample size here? How many Bevspot-running bars were compiled into this report, both in the DC area and nationwide?

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