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Interview: BevSpot Platform Aims To Be One-Stop-Shop for On-Premise Retailers

February 1, 2016

Posted in Restaurant Management, Industry & Culture

The alcohol industry is quickly digitizing. New programs and platforms help bars and restaurants more efficiently do business. This includes BevSpot, a Boston-based tech company that streamlines bar management processes.

Using the BevSpot platform on a phone, computer or tablet, customers can input inventory, place orders across distributors and import sales data for analysis.

We recently spoke with Rory Crawford, co-founder and CEO of BevSpot, about the product:

CH: How did BevSpot come about?

RC: Six months before attending Harvard Business School, I had started an online wine sales company as a side project. After a few months working on that project I realized two things: 1) There was a significant lack of software to benefit the alcohol industry, and 2) My original idea was not a good business….

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