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Draft vs. Bottle: A Data Breakdown of Beer Ordering Habits

By Andrew Turnwall


Andrew Turnwall

April 26, 2017

Posted in Restaurant Management, Industry & Culture

A year of data reveals trends in the orders of American barroom patrons…

If there’s one thing that is known in the mythos of the American barroom, it’s that discussion, debate, and the occasional fistfight have been known to come about over a pint. Not least among these is the right and proper method of consuming the aforementioned drinks.

We’ve collected data from over 500 retailers across 40 states, researched brands and competing opinions, and attempted to distill which method of beer transport and dispensary reigns supreme. Before we get into the specifics and numbered data of how the fight shakes out, let’s cover the methods, their pros and cons, and why one might choose one over another.

The following data represents on-premise order data from the 12 months ending in March 2017. While the majority of retailers covered here are located outside of New England and New York, these particular regions are strongly represented in the data. Figures represent percentages of orders from distributors in dollar terms.

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  1. We Just bought our bar and the Tap line are interesting to say the least, but craft beer is big in our city. I have just started ordering them in bottle form and just today picked some up in a can. I can tell you Bud Light is our number one seller so it’s nice to know people are perfectly okay with drinking it from a bottle rather than draft.

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