Customer Stories: The Brewer’s Cabinet

By Brie Shelley


Brie Shelley

July 18, 2016

Posted in Restaurant Management, Industry & Culture

The Brewer’s Cabinet is a small batch brewery and restaurant nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, in Reno.

It’s a concept designed to push the boundaries of craft beer beyond popular trends and industry norms, a place for the team to experiment with different styles, ingredients and flavors.

Derrick is the General Manager of The Brewer’s Cabinet.

“We brew our own beer, and we have 14 handles at any given time that rotate through the different beers we make. We also distribute some of our beer locally, in cans, but only a few labels. Most of the beer is distributed here, at the brewery.”

In addition to creating their own beers, they also run a series of collaborative projects, feature beers from local breweries and run a small onsite kitchen that offers a fresh, local menu.

When he first opened the space, Chris, Owner of The Brewer’s Cabinet, was having trouble keeping an accurate record of his beverage inventory. He wanted to make the process faster and find a way to keep track of usage and variance more accurately. Looking for more details on his bar’s data, he assigned his new General Manager, Derrick, the task of implementing a new system—BevSpot.

Now, Chris uses BevSpot for high level numbers—such as pour costs, variance and inventory usage—and Derrick uses it to take inventory and do the bar’s ordering.

Here at BevSpot, The Brewer’s Cabinet is one of the Customer Success Team’s favorite accounts. They have great accuracy with their inventory and ordering through BevSpot, and they’re quick to correct any errors that our team points out.

The feeling is mutual.

“The BevSpot team has been really helpful. Erie [his account manager] has been great. He always answers my questions really quickly,” says Derrick.

Looking back on how his establishment previously did inventory and tracked their bar’s data, Derrick is happy with the powerful insights he can now see with BevSpot.

“BevSpot gives us a really specific idea of where we’re at. It gives our team a much better idea of how much product we’re going through, our variance, and other critical numbers like that.”

Find out what else Derrick said about running a beverage program with BevSpot.


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