Getting Set Up With BevSpot

Before Derrick joined the Brewer’s Cabinet team, they were using spreadsheets and comparing their inventory numbers to a printed PMIX report, like many bars and restaurants.

“Prior to implementing BevSpot, the team had a lot of trouble keeping track of inventory in general. It was challenging to get everything to work and to come up with accurate numbers.”

When Derrick started his new role at The Brewer’s Cabinet, he had the team using BevSpot immediately.

“Getting set up with BevSpot was really easy. We just filled out the template, which we basically transferred from our existing spreadsheet, and sent it back to the BevSpot Customer Success team with all the products we sell, recipes for our drinks, what we’re paying, and who our distributors are.”

It was a really straightforward process. The BevSpot team entered everything into the system and got us up and running.”

Derrick tells us how, since being onboarded, he appreciates the support.

“The BevSpot team has been really helpful. Erie [his account manager] has been great. He always answers my questions really quickly.”


The Results

Looking back on how The Brewer’s Cabinet previously did inventory and tracked their bar’s data, Derrick is happy with the powerful insights he can now see with BevSpot.

BevSpot gives us a really specific idea of where we’re at. Prior to using it, Chris didn’t know what we were going through, how much we were wasting, or where we were as far as inventory numbers.”

In addition to now using powerful sales reports, Derrick explains how he has significantly cut down his inventory time.

“Before BevSpot, the team was just spinning its wheels. They were weighing bottles, which was a really lengthy process that wasn’t very accurate. Now, BevSpot saves us a ton of time on inventory—I can get inventory done on Thursday mornings, from start to finish, in about 25 minutes.”

“BevSpot gives our team a much better idea of how much product we’re going through, our variance, and other critical numbers like that.”

During his first inventory with BevSpot, Derrick was able to set up the order of his products. Now, he can now quickly move down the shelf and count his bottles in order, streamlining the process.

“I use an iPad to take inventory now, which makes it really easy. I like how you can set up the order of your inventory. I set it up in BevSpot just as everything sits on the shelf, making it really simple.”


Now that Derrick can track all this beverage data in one place, he’s able to calculate key business metrics and make business decisions based on his bar’s data. Recently, he was able to reduce his variance and pour cost.

“We have only been using BevSpot for about five or six weeks, so the first two weeks we were still figuring everything out. By the third week, we saw everything balance out.”

Derrick also feels more confident in the security of his inventory because now he can clearly see any variance and take steps to prevent loss.

It gives us peace of mind. If I enter all the invoices of cans we’ve sold, and do inventory the following week, it gives us a clear idea and reassures us that nobody is walking out of here with six-packs of beer.”

With more insights into what’s behind his bar, Derrick looks forward to reducing his pour cost and variance even more— ultimately helping him to run a more efficient establishment.

“Last week was our best week so far, as far as variance goes. Our pour cost is sitting right between 18 and 19% and our liquor cost, which was up to 15%, is now down to about 13%.”