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Crafting Cocktails: Sean Earley’s Marksman Drink Recipe

November 16, 2015

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Marksman (cocktail)

  • 1 1/2 oz bourbon
  • 3/4 oz Becherovka
  • 1/2 oz lemon juice
  • 1/2 oz honey syrup
  • 2 dash Angostura bitters
  • Lemon peel
  1. Shake with ice.
  2. Double strain into glass.
  3. Cut lemon peel.
  4. Express for lemon oil.
  5. Place in glass.

About the Drink

The Marksman is a Ward 8 (the place, not the cocktail) original spin on a whiskey sour. Very popular in the summer time, Sean describes this as a nice introductory cocktail into whiskey, “for those who are getting into whiskey but not quite ready for a whiskey on the rocks.”

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