Customer Stories: Vinted Wine Bar on Better Bar Management

By Rachael Perry


Rachael Perry

April 22, 2016

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Vinted Wine Bar and Kitchen opened three years ago, in West Hartford, CT. And there’s a reason why it received such a glowing review in the New York Times.

After opening, Vinted quickly became one of the best wine bars in the state. Why? A menu of modern American small plates, a large cocktail program, and unique wine-preservation technology that allows them to offer their customers over 70 wines by the glass.

Housed in stainless-steel cabinets, Vinted’s argon-oxygen replacement system keeps an opened bottle of wine fresh for up to two months. Here lies Vinted’s distinct concept: Over 70 varieties of wine offered in one-ounce tastes, three-ounce half glasses, and six-ounce full glasses.

As you can imagine, managing such a large beverage program is difficult. Since opening Vinted, Gary Evangelista, the General Manager, had been taking inventory with pen and paper. He needed to improve the efficiency of his inventory and ordering processes, but he also wanted to find an easier way to process the numbers, look at his pour costs, and shape Vinted into a more profitable bar.  After seeing BevSpot, he thought, “Why not give it a try?”

But Gary wanted more than just software as a solution. He wanted the people behind the technology to help him grow a real business. BevSpot was the perfect fit.

“Once I realized how much it would help me and allow our owner to put an end to hours of number crunching, it just seemed like a no-brainer.”

Gary signed up to BevSpot just two months ago, so we thought we’d check in and see how he’s using the bar management software.

He’s working with Vinted’s owner to develop better processes that will save him time on inventory and save his owner money.

“I’ve worked for Ralph for over 10 years, and this is the first time I’ve been able to save him and our accountant time—he absolutely loves it.”

It gets better—read the rest of the results in the full case study, below.

See the detailed case study here.

Vinted Wine Bar Case Study BevSpot

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