Getting Set Up With BevSpot

Gary signed up to BevSpot just two months ago, so we thought we’d check in and see how he’s using the bar management platform.

Since starting at Vinted, Gary had been doing inventory with pen and paper. He would manually enter his counts into Excel and attempt to match his inventory calculations with his invoices and sales reports, from Micros.

“I saw BevSpot and I thought, why not give it a try?”

Gary explains how Erie—his BevSpot account representative—made onboarding with BevSpot easy. “Erie helped me understand how to use it, and now it takes me less than two minutes to upload my sales reports into BevSpot. It’s great to be able to do an instant upload and have BevSpot process the information as quickly as you do. The customer success team didn’t leave any stones unturned. Erie made onboarding a really easy process.”

“Once I realized how much BevSpot would help me and allow my owner to put an end to hours of number crunching, it just seemed like a no-brainer.”


Help From Real Humans

Gary’s main concern about adopting new technology was a common one: agreeing to sign up to a new software program only to be left to work it out on his own. “But that hasn’t been the case at all. Everyone has been so helpful. Every time I call, there’s somebody there to help me with any questions I have, and that’s really been a breath of fresh air.”

“The customer success team was definitely the deciding factor that led me to both signing up to BevSpot and convincing our owner to implement BevSpot at our other two restaurants.”

Gary explains how Erie has provided him with everything he’s needed from BevSpot. “Even after hours, I’ve texted him and he’s been helpful and responsive in getting back to me, just to make sure I’m understanding how to use BevSpot for my bar.”

“And not just that, but when my sales reports are uploaded from Micros to BevSpot, it’s great to have someone analyzing them to see if there’s anything I’ve missed. This extra set of eyes helps me amend my inventory. Erie has been great at pointing out any red flags that arise and helping me reconcile my inventory to make it more accurate.”


Discovering the Numbers

As Vinted’s General Manager, Gary is in charge of inventory, ordering, and checking in the product when it arrives. “I’ve gotten far more efficient over the past few weeks after implementing BevSpot.”


BevSpot has helped Gary develop an inventory process that’s much more manageable, but it’s also allowed him to present Ralph, Vinted’s owner, with numbers that he would normally spend hours trying to calculate with his accountant.

“The first time I showed the numbers to my owner, he realized this was a system that would get him the answers he’s been trying to obtain for years.”

I’ve worked for Ralph for over 10 years, and this is the first time I’ve been able to save him and our accountant time—He absolutely loves it.”


The Results

Before BevSpot, Gary wasn’t counting any spirits or beer in his inventory, only wine. Because Vinted has over 70 wines by the glass and many more by the bottle, his inventory process is a little unconventional, but Gary says:

“BevSpot has helped me reduce the amount of inventory I have in house, and it’s allowed me to see what products are making more money than others.”

“It has helped me understand the financial aspects of my bar’s operations. I’m still getting comfortable with BevSpot, but as we grow with the product, I want to really focus on costs and bringing my pour cost down.” After syncing Micros with his BevSpot account, Gary was able to instantly see all the important sales data behind his bar. “These are numbers that I probably wouldn’t have been able to obtain if it wasn’t for BevSpot.”

Going forward, Gary plans to spend more time with Erie understanding how to use BevSpot to make his bar more successful. “Erie has helped me identify things that don’t match up, in terms of what I’ve ordered and what I’ve logged in inventory. Anything I need, this platform seems to offer. And now that I’m all set up and executing the basics, there’s no limit to what I can accomplish with BevSpot.”