Improving Experiences with BevSpot’s User Accounts

By Reggie Woo


Reggie Woo

April 24, 2017

Posted in Restaurant Management, Industry & Culture

How do you browse BevSpot’s website?

BevSpot might not mean the same thing to everyone. While our main product is our liquor inventory and ordering platform, we understand that many people purely find value in our content and resources as well.

In order to improve and enhance the experience for people who view our content and use our free tools, we’ve recently launched a new option (that you may or may not have noticed): individual user accounts.

BevSpot’s User Home Dashboard

Now, when visitors come to BevSpot, they can create their own personal user accounts. This will also allow users of our inventory and ordering platform to seamlessly access our content and vice-versa. (Everything working together in harmony. What a novel concept, right?)

With the new user dashboard, we’ve also moved to allow people visiting our site to personalize their experience as they explore different areas. Let’s quickly break down our options thus far for users to navigate from their dashboard and why they exist:

My Drinks



  • Enable users to access our most popular free tool, the Drink Price Calculator, and their own personal list of drinks to enable fast tweaks to existing recipes or swiftly generate a new recipe on the fly.

This is our first step towards cultivating a structure to build on within our Drink Price Calculator. Future development on this popular tool is still in the works, so look forward to even more updates in the future.




  • Enable users to curate their own personal library of our resources.
  • Enable users to track and revisit recently viewed blog articles as well as build a reliable list of recommendations for further reading.
  • Create an easier way for people to access/come back to gated resource content.

This is a brand new way for people who visit the site to self-cultivate what’s really important to them in terms of what we have to offer. This will also allow us to learn from user preferences and push the creation of our resources in the right directions moving forward.

My Bars



  • Enable the quick and seamless transfer to and from the free inventory and ordering platform.

This is for the fans of our inventory and ordering platform. Retailer users can easily access their bar inventory and ordering whenever they like from any part of our website, since that’s kind of our thing.

TL;DR: We have a shiny new feature on our website that allows you to create a free user account and access different areas of the website more easily and in the way you want to.

Like what you see? Let us know in the comments below and give us your feedback. And look forward to more insight into awesome features in the near future. Cheers!

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