Customer Stories: State Park’s Beverage Program

By Rachael Perry


Rachael Perry

May 9, 2016

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It could be the fried chicken with that Nashville hot sauce. It could be the classic American dive-bar decor. Or, it could be the beer and cocktail offerings, which please just about anyone who visits this neighborhood favorite.

State Park opened its doors in Cambridge, MA, in December 2013. It’s the sister concept of the now-closed Hungry Mother restaurant, where Head Chef, Barry Maiden won a James Beard award in 2015.

Heather Mojer had worked at Hungry Mother since 2008—starting as a server and working her way up to bartender, manager and then owner—and was one of seven co-owners to launch State Park in 2013. She’s been the Bar Manager there since day one, and, during the last year, she’s taken steps to dramatically improve the way their bar operates.

Since opening State Park, Heather and her team had used a combination of pen and paper and Excel to manage their beverage program. This is a common occurrence in the bar and restaurant world, but it was time consuming, messy, and it created little transparency and cohesion between Heather, her six co-owners, and the bar staff. Something had to be done.

She was using other technology platforms to manage the way State Park operates, so why not use one for her beverage program? Heather implemented BevSpot in early 2015, making her one of the first users of our bar management software. We recently spoke to Heather to find out how her processes have changed over the past year.

“Whether it’s a new menu, or prices, or a product itself, just to have all that information in one place is so useful.”

She’s found a way to save time, save money and better communicate results to her co-owners.

“The time I’ve saved doing inventory is just getting better and better.”

Find out what else she said about running a beverage program with BevSpot. Who knows—it might just be something that could help you out.


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