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Bar Inventory: Order More Productively with Smart Cart

By Mike Marcangelo


Mike Marcangelo

April 5, 2018

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Are you ordering too much bar inventory?

At BevSpot, we often run into bar owners and managers who suffer from “FORO,” or fear of running out. This fear usually stems from a lot of guesswork, influencing their bar inventory and ordering decisions. They order too much and end up needlessly sitting on a lot of extra products–costing them capital that could be used elsewhere.

With BevSpot, bar owners and managers use real-time data to make wiser ordering decisions. BevSpot’s Smart Cart feature helps reduce an establishment’s sitting bar inventory, while eliminating the fear of running out of product.

Here is how BevSpot’s Smart Cart feature works:


  • Smart Cart automatically puts together orders for you based on your actual weekly inventory usage or par numbers in BevSpot.
    • If you base your Smart Cart order off of the par levels set in BevSpot, it will fill the cart with the products you actually need to get back to your par level.
    • If you prefer to base your Smart Cart order off of usage, the system will look at your average weekly usage and populate the cart based on how many week’s worth of usage you want. (We suggest 2-3 weeks average usage as a good benchmark.)
  • After Smart Cart populates your order, you can adjust quantities if need be.

The best part about BevSpot’s Smart Cart feature is that it doesn’t require you to do anything fundamentally different. All you have to do is click on the Smart Cart button on the Cart Builder page and decide if you would like to order based on usage or pars. Once you decide, you can review the information and, at the very least, gain some immediate insights into your ordering habits that would have been difficult to find otherwise.

For example, after using BevSpot, co-owner Stephen Julia of Curio discovered they weren’t even keeping a week’s worth of inventory. This discovery enabled them to confidently push their pars to their appropriate levels.

We know that nobody gets into the bar and restaurant industry to take bar inventory or reconcile orders. By using BevSpot’s Smart Cart effectively, you’ll spend less on bottles collecting dust and unlock more money to reinvest.

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