Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar Saves Over $26k Using BevSpot

November 5, 2015

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Mike Shaw and Will Falaro, the respective co-owner and bar manager of Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar, remember what life was like before BevSpot at their previous restaurant. As I sat with them at their bar reminiscing (err, commiserating) about the old days of 60-page, handwritten inventories, it was obvious that those days were—and will always be—behind them.

As we got deeper into it, they began to unearth the suppressed memories of pen-and-paper inventory: coming in on off-days, staying until 4:30 am, organizing every single liquor bottle in alphabetical order. Let’s just say terms like “archaic” and “nightmare” were used far more than “exciting” and “riveting.”

Instead of spending their time growing the business, it was spent in a basement huddled over a piece of paper trying to translate their own handwriting:

“Is that a seven or a four?”

But as they soon discovered, it didn’t have to be that way. The bar manager at Lincoln—the previous bar they worked with—had just adopted BevSpot, and the positive upswing in their beverage program (and morale) was immediate. When Will and Mike moved on to open Loco a few months later, the decision to implement BevSpot was an easy one.


As Mike told me, “The decision here was 100% Will’s choice—it’s his beverage program. If he wanted to spend four hours on Mondays with 30 pages of Excel documents, God bless him. But he saw how easy life was over there at Lincoln.”

As it turns out, life is great at Loco as well. Since their first month, they’ve seen a 30% decrease in weekly ordering costs and have realized “$26,000 to $30,000 in cash savings.” And since they’ve cut their entire inventory process to 90 minutes, they can now dedicate that extra time to working on the cocktail list, finding great staff, making sure they have schedules done, and helping to build the business.

While it’s easy to just chum it up at the bar with Will and Mike, there’s no doubt that they take their restaurant—and bottomline—very seriously. Since they onboarded, they’ve been one of our most active customers, and the results have shown. Not only that, but they’ve helped us refine our product through constant feedback.

We can’t wait to see them continue to make their mark on the Boston dining scene — tacos, oysters and all.

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