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How Much Do Bars Save With BevSpot?

By Stephen Ngo


Stephen Ngo

July 19, 2016

Posted in Restaurant Management, Industry & Culture

Data-driven businesses have one key advantage: The ability to accurately measure costs and profitability.

When bar managers can quickly and easily see opportunities to reduce waste in their operations, they enable themselves to run more profitable operations in the long run. And in an industry where as many as 80% of bars and restaurants fail within five years, bar owners can’t afford to pass on easy opportunities to run their establishment more efficiently. One essential metric for a successful bar is your average pour cost —it directly relates to a bar’s ability to control costs and price for profitability.

By accurately calculating pour costs and comparing them to industry benchmarks, a bar manager can easily find out how much their business can improve.

At BevSpot, we provide bar owners and managers with the tools and data they need to streamline their operations, including their average pour costs. And to ensure their beverage programs succeed, our Customer Success team works with them to implement operational improvements with that data.

So, how much can we help your bar? For the answer, you could ask a few of our customers. Or, as we like to do, we could show you the data. We looked at the pour costs of all BevSpot bars to see how the numbers change as they begin to use our software.


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