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Food Inventory Management Made Simple: Introducing BevSpot Food

April 18, 2018

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It’s a question we’ve heard time and time again: When are you going to develop BevSpot for food?

We’re excited to announce that we have an answer to that question. Today, we are introducing BevSpot Food, a comprehensive software solution for food inventory management. Bars, restaurants, hotels, and hospitality groups of all sizes now have an easy-to-use solution to simplify and manage their food program operations.

BevSpot Food: Take fast, accurate inventory

Just like its beverage predecessor, BevSpot Food allows users to take fast, collaborative kitchen inventory on any device.

Editable storage areas makes it easy to organize your BevSpot account to reflect your establishment’s setup. Quickly move from the line, to the walk-in, to the dry storage as you count using the Inventory Calculator—a feature BevSpot Beverage customers know and love. Since what you order isn’t always what you finally count, BevSpot’s flexible units keeps your data accurate. This is especially useful for kitchens that order fish by the pound, but inventory by the filet.


BevSpot Food: Organize and centralize your record-keeping

During the product discovery process, many customers explained how difficult it is to keep track of invoices. Multiple orders per day from multiple vendors quickly becomes a bookkeeping nightmare.


Not only can you place vendor orders directly through BevSpot Food, but you can catalog past invoices, regardless of how you placed the order. Then reconcile your purchases against your BevSpot invoices to make sure you’re really getting what you paid for.

As you add more product to your account, BevSpot keeps a detailed history of every item in your kitchen, from price changes to recorded inventory counts.


BevSpot Food: Make informed, data-driven decisions

You know the cost of everything that comes out of your kitchen. But, do you know where you’re losing money? Detailed Usage, Loss, and Sales Performance reports tell you what’s sitting on the shelves and where you’re losing money. We aim to arm you with as much data about your food program as possible, because smart (and profitable) decisions are data-driven decisions.


What’s next?

Since we’re a software company, our work is never done. As customers start using BevSpot Food, we will continue to develop new features, improve existing ones, and seek direct customer feedback.

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