Customer Stories: Seabear Oyster Bar on Adjusting to a New Bar

By Reggie Woo


Reggie Woo

October 17, 2016

Posted in Restaurant Management, Industry & Culture

Seabear Oyster Bar is a lot of things to the people of Athens, Georgia.

It’s a small, lively yet intimate neighborhood haunt. It’s a restaurant where you can find some of the freshest local and sustainably sourced seafood. It’s a bar where you can enjoy the company of your friends and family alongside a refreshing beverage. It’s the sister location of the high-end Mediterranean concept The National, which you can also find in Athens.

What Seabear is not is Hunt Revell’s first foray into the world of overseeing a bar. Carving his bartending chops at The National, Hunt was making the transition to his new bar program and faced a dilemma. He quickly realized that he didn’t have a lot of experience managing the financial details of a bar. Also, he did not want to waste hours in the office working the inventory numbers on a spreadsheet when he could be improving the bar program.

BevSpot was the tool Hunt looked to to get over these obstacles. After getting onboarded into the system, Hunt saw immediate improvements in Seabear’s sitting inventory as well as a more efficient ordering process with his vendors. Arguably, the most important benefit that Hunt saw, as a working bar manager, was the freedom to focus on making the most out of his shifts on the bar.

“[BevSpot] lets me do my night job without a bunch of hassle on the other end. It allows me to maximize the amount of money I can make personally and use my time the way I want to.”

See how BevSpot helped Hunt get the most out of his bar.

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