Customer Stories: Dak & Bop on Managing a New Bar

By Reggie Woo


Reggie Woo

September 19, 2016

Posted in Restaurant Management, Industry & Culture

No one could have predicted the creation of Houston-based Korean fried chicken restaurant Dak & Bop. Not even its creators, Jason and Mary Cho.

The husband-and-wife team didn’t think of starting their own restaurant until a fateful trip to New York City. While visiting Jason’s sister, the couple visited a local restaurant chain specializing in Korean fried chicken. Inspired by their experience, they returned home and looked to develop a similar concept.

Opening their doors in November of 2014, the duo faced immediate challenges. Neither of them had any experience working in restaurants—Jason helped run his family’s martial arts studio, and Mary was a nurse before starting Dak & Bop.

Ultimately, Mary was put in charge of running Dak & Bop’s bar program, managing their inventory, ordering and sales reconciliation. Mary soon looked to BevSpot to help her getting a better handle on her bar’s health.

Using BevSpot, Mary saw immediate improvements. Not only did the time needed to take inventory decrease, but, with the data and tools that BevSpot was able to provide Mary, she was also able to make critical decisions about her program and increase its profitability—and even identify an employee who was stealing product.

“Who knows how long that would have taken me if I had to continue on paper inventory? I would think I’m just not doing it accurately, and that I was doing a bad job of taking inventory.”

See how BevSpot helped Mary make the right moves for her bar.

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