Customer Stories: Black Rock Country Club

By Brie Shelley


Brie Shelley

June 13, 2016

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Located less than 20 miles outside Boston, Black Rock Country Club is recognized as one of the region’s premier private golf clubs and communities. In addition to top-tier golf facilities, they offer tennis, swimming, fine dining, an extensive wine program, and full-service venues for events like weddings and holiday parties.

Black Rock has three different dining areas—the Grille Room, the Private Dining Room and the Clubhouse—all directed by Executive Chef Sean O’Mahoney and managed by Dining Room Captain Timothy Gallant. These dining offerings are centered around a contemporary menu that features all natural ingredients, and running them requires a lot of work.

With such a large area to cover, managing these beverage programs isn’t easy. Since he started in 2012, Timothy had been taking inventory shelf to sheet with pen and paper, like many bars and restaurants. But he felt his inventory system was disorganized and his ordering process was scattered.

In order to save himself time and the owners money, he needed to run his beverage program more efficiently, leveraging his sales and understanding the data behind his beverage program. After he was introduced to BevSpot, he decided to give it a shot.

We recently spoke with Timothy to see how things at Black Rock Country Club have changed since he started investing in a better beverage program.

“We’ve streamlined our inventory process, and it’s a whole lot easier. I can now do our entire club’s inventory in the course of four hours, when it used to take me two days!”

He found a way to significantly cut his inventory time, and now, Timothy feels he can better communicate with his team because can show them the metrics behind the way their bar operates.

“I’m able to go to my team, confirm when they’re over-pouring, and tell them, ‘Look—you’re pouring a half ounce over what you should be pouring.’”

Looking forward, Timothy hopes to use this data to ramp up his cocktail program.

“The bar scene outside of Boston is really trying to catch up with downtown, where you’re even seeing craft cocktail lists pop up at sports bars. We’re doing our best to compete with that.”

He recently upgraded to BevSpot’s Category Level Sales reports, and he’s excited to get into the nitty-gritty of his sales metrics surrounding their new cocktail program.

Find out what else Timothy said about how he’s learned to run a better beverage program.

See the full Black Rock customer story here.   

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