BevSpot’s Roundup of the 10 Best Bar Industry Podcasts

By Amanda Grosvenor


Amanda Grosvenor

September 20, 2017

Posted in Restaurant Management, Industry & Culture

What are you listening to?

Officially “invented” in 2004 by BBC journalist Ben Hammersley, the podcast has changed the way information is shared through audio storytelling. Podcasts seek to inform, educate, or entertain, and the best ones accomplish all three at once. There’s a podcast for every industry these days, including the beverage and hospitality industries. We scoured the internet and rounded up the 10 best bar industry podcasts available. It’s a sampling of options for your auditory palette—you’re sure to find at least one that appeals to your tastes.

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Podcasts about the bartending life

Bartender Journey is hosted by Brian Weber, who now also hosts the official Tales of the Cocktail podcast. It’s a comprehensive, high-energy podcast that features engaging interviews with industry pros and high-level observations. Brian also drills down into specifics on bar operations, liquor brands, and cocktail lore.

Bartender HQ covers topics related to life behind the bar, including topics like being authentic, sustainability, cocktail balancing and photography, and flair challenges. Host David Sangwell also takes a closer look at specific spirits and conducts tastings with “The Vermouth Ambassador” Samuel David Boulton. It’s a nice blend of education how-to’s, industry news, and fun.

Bartenders Show, hosted by Richard Seuss, covers an array of topics related to life as a bartender. From the latest news, to the most informative bartending websites, to bartending flair, Richard covers it through informative interviews and stories of his own experiences.

Podcasts about industry tips and best practices for your business

Profitable Hospitality from Ken Burgin is exactly what it sounds like—a podcast full of useful tips and guides for optimizing your hospitality businesses. Since the show is operations and marketing-focused, it’s likely to appeal primarily to owners and managers. But, with hundreds of episodes already recorded, any industry professional is sure to find a relevant topic.

BarCode TSI – The Service Industry Podcast is a newer service industry podcast that aims to “shed light on topics we all run into while doing our job.” Their interviews with bartenders, servers, managers, and owners give a we’re-in-this-together feeling. The podcast provides useful ideas for solving common problems, regardless of your level of experience in the industry.

Podcasts about mixology mechanics and cocktail construction

The Mixology Talk Podcast: Better Bartending and Making Great Drinks is brought to you from the Bay Area by Chris and Julia Tunstall, who are also the founders of the popular craft bartending website A Bar Above. They’ve been around over three years and the podcast is meant for both bartenders and guests alike. Topics include spirits, bitters and other ingredients, history and culture, hosting how-to’s, techniques, and guest interviews.

True to its name, Simple Cocktails Podcast is a straightforward, 20-minute podcast that explores the properties, legacies, and potentials of various spirits, brands, and cocktails. It’s a great resource for those either new to the profession or those looking for approachable, user-friendly information.

Behind the Bar Show, hosted by “Mr. Martini,” is a podcast veteran started in 2006. While it hasn’t been updated since 2015, it does offer a vast backlog of episodes focused on specific spirits—from gin, vodka, and whiskey, to sake and vermouth. If you’re looking for something specific, you may very well find it here.

Podcasts that will make you laugh

The Bar Buzz Podcast is the brainchild and virtual stage of C.J. Spaulding, a longtime bartender and server who authored Life Behind Bars-An Irreverent Guide to the Restaurant Industry. Both the book and podcast feature hilarious anecdotes about the types of over-the-top—or painfully cookie cutter—personalities and absurd things that can happen all too frequently when working in the industry. If you’re looking for commiseration and laughs, Bar Buzz is for you.

In At The Bar, Florida-based hosts Mike and Jeff get creative with their topics, including “Shame Drinking PBR”, “What Your Drink Says About You”, “Jeff’s Drunk Movie Reviews”, “Craft Beer Mediocrity,” and “If Pumpkin Beers Died.” They also spotlight specific breweries and industry events. Overall, At The Bar is a great podcast to listen to if you enjoy irreverent humor.

Did we miss one of your favorite podcasts in our roundup? Share it in the comments below.

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