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How BevSpot Helps to Build Better Bars and Restaurants

April 21, 2016

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Most technology companies are quick to mention how awesome their customer support team is.

And as a new or potential customer, that’s great to hear—it’s important that you have easy-to-reach, helpful resources to turn to if you have any questions. Obviously, we have that at BevSpot, too.

But unfortunately, that’s where the vast majority of companies stop. Their goal, of course, is to help you use their software or application, but often that’s where their focus ends.

We do things a little differently at BevSpot. We’re partners for the industry—our customer success team works with bars and restaurants to help them grow and improve. Each one of our customers has a dedicated resource committed to their success. And not just success in implementing and using BevSpot, but success in running the best possible beverage program.

Helping our customers use BevSpot effectively is part of that, of course. None of us would be pouring our hearts into growing this company if we didn’t believe in the role that data can play in helping the industry run better bars and businesses. But, for us, that’s not where it ends.

As a startup, we’re constantly engaged in creative problem solving and finding innovative ways to grow our business. It turns out this type of problem solving is critical to running effective bars and restaurants, and our Customer Success Managers have experience doing just that.

Across the Customer Success team, we have people with experience running some of the largest beverage programs in Boston. We have certified Sommeliers. We have people with experience launching new restaurant concepts. And we have people with experience helping small businesses use data to improve their operations and marketing efforts.

Here are just some of the ways we use this experience to help our customers take their business to the next level:

  • We customize our product offerings to help you with new menu launches
  • We analyze insights from your BevSpot data to change menu pricing, develop promotions, or strategically reduce your inventory
  • We help you set goals to get your beverage program where it needs to be
  • We review your wine and beer lists with one of our in-house experts
  • We guide your POS system set up to get the most out of your bar’s data
  • We think through challenging business questions like whether or not to buy volume discounts
  • And we hold your staff and bartenders accountable and reward your best performing ones

It’s important for us to create a channel of communication between our customers and the product they’re using. So, in the BevSpot office, our Customer Success team sits right next to our Design and Product Development teams, sending them feedback and ideas that come directly from our customers. We use your thoughts to build a product that works for you.

Sure, BevSpot will provide you with a killer web app to help streamline your bar operations and make daily decisions based off of data. But, more importantly, we’ll provide you with a dedicated (and experienced) resource to help your bar succeed. Any bar can have the shiny, new bells and whistles and all the financial resources it needs, but really, its success is a function of the people behind it serving its customers on a daily basis.

At BevSpot, we understand technology is no different. It’s not just about features, user interfaces, or functionality (even though we lose sleep over those things!). At the end of the day, it really comes down to the people behind the technology who are focused on helping the industry. We’re hospitality professionals, too, only we’re here to serve you. That level of support and service, just like any great bar or restaurant, is what sets us apart.

Want to get in touch with our customer success team? Email us. We’d love to chat.

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