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The 3 Types of Candidates Applying To Your Restaurant This Holiday Season

December 9, 2021

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As if the holidays weren’t already stressful, add hiring to the mix. The word itself makes many cringe. Holding on to staff and battling the ever-rising industry turnover rate (which is now at 72%) is hard, and many restaurateurs are hiring more hands to support their teams this month.

The holiday season brings with it new staff, guests, menus, and a whole lot of planning for 2022.

Once that “Help Wanted” sign is tacked on to your door (or website), resumes will be flying in. Here’s a quick breakdown of the types of candidates that will apply to work at your restaurant this December.

Applicants this holiday season will most likely fit into one of these three categories:

1. The College Kid Who Needs Money

This candidate wants to work as much as they can over their month-and-a-half break in order to save up for the spring semester. They’ll pick up any shift you give them and will be one of the hardest workers on your team. Just be ready for them to leave at the end of January! (But don’t worry—they’ll be back in the summer.)

2. The Seasonal Celebrity Shifter

This guy moves around the country picking up the coolest shifts in the most exotic locations. He’ll be in the Hamptons for the summer and your restaurant come winter. He knows how to make money—and he knows how to work. He won’t need much training, and he’ll add flair to your staff.

3. The First Timer

Oh yeah. We’ve all been one of these. This applicant is a high schooler trying to hold down their first job. They’ll come in while their mom watches cheerfully from the car. They’ll take some training, but remember, they’re an investment. If you train them and treat them right, it’ll pay off in spades. Schedule them on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. Come on, even your rock stars need a day off!

We all love being busy and watching those table turn. The hard part is keeping up with supply and demand. The holiday season brings huge spikes of customers, like on New Year’s Eve, and lulls, like on the day after Christmas.

It’s tough to gauge these highs and lows—that’s why BevSpot and Upserve are here to do it for you. Know what days will be the busiest at your restaurant so you can staff efficiently with Upserve and stay on top of your bar’s standing inventory and pour costs with BevSpot.


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