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16 Twitter Accounts All Bartenders and Mixologists Should Follow

By Reggie Woo


Reggie Woo

November 25, 2016

Posted in Restaurant Management, Industry & Culture

Time is short for many bar staff. A constant in the industry are long nights and short mornings.

But, many an industry professional will tell you that staying up to date on the latest trends and discoveries within the world of bartending is key to holding onto relevancy in your market. Where Instagram can be a great platform to visually share cocktail ideas, Twitter can be an equally great platform to keep informed on the latest news and trends and not taking too much time to do so. 140 character status updates are generally an easier pill to swallow than longer news articles.

Here’s some bartender twitter accounts you should follow to keep on top of the latest industry happenings.

The Staying Power of Publications

For better or worse, the hospitality industry has always been well steeped in traditions. These analog tendencies have produced a staying power in books, print media and magazine publications. These places still hold a lot of weight in the bar industry and nothing proves this more than their online footprints. Some of the most influential bartender Twitter accounts are tied to industry favorite publications like Liquor (50.6K followers) and Imbibe (243K followers). Even smaller and more niche publications like Mixology (13.3K followers) and Cocktail Enthusiast (15.1K followers) have a solid following.

The influence of these publications is also naturally spread to (or, in some cases, from) their staff. Paul Clarke (11.3K followers), the executive editor of Imbibe, keeps his Twitter feed more personal, but still keeps a close pulse to the happenings of the industry. Another example is Caroline Pardilla (21.6K followers) of Eater, Thrillist, and Liquor fame.

Educational Tools and Industry Events

A huge part of the industry is the tight-knit community that is shared between all bartenders and mixologists. This shows through the community events and educational tools at bartender’s disposal. Industry events like Tales of the Cocktail (40.8K followers) and Art of the Cocktail (13.9K followers) have extremely close ties to the industry and it shows through their Twitter feeds.

Keeping up to speed in your bar education is also vital in the industry. It shows through the popularity of community hubs like ShakeStir (12.1K followers) and BarSmarts (14.7K followers).

Thought Leaders and Industry Influencers

While community is important, individuals are still celebrated amongst bartenders. Respect and reverence of someone’s hard work and innovations are a huge part of bartending culture. You can see that through the social footprints of some of the biggest names in the industry. People like David Wondrich (25.7K followers), Jeffrey Morgenthaler (15.9K followers), Dale DeGroff (22.3K followers), Jamie Boudreau (12.8K followers), and Jen Agg (12.6K followers) have all helped to push the industry and cocktailing forward.

Lastly, you can’t forget to follow Chris Mac (313K followers) for your daily inspiring quotes and fun facts to get your conversations going.

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