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16 Instagram Accounts All Bartenders Should Follow

By Brie Shelley


Brie Shelley

March 31, 2016

Posted in Restaurant Management, Industry & Culture

16 bartender Instagram accounts you should be following.

Trying to come up with an intriguing cocktail garnish? Need to add a few spring drinks to your menu? Want to stay up-to-date with microbrew culture? You should definitely be on Instagram – the best app, next to our restaurant inventory app of course. Instagram isn’t just for posting selfies and viewing pictures of pretty landscapes. You can also use it to discover beautifully captured drinks, mixology inspiration, information, and recipes. To help you stay on top of all thing’s alcohol, we’ve compiled a list of 16 bartender Instagram accounts you should be following.

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1. StirandStrain

If you’re looking for some quality drink ideas, you should follow StirandStrain. The account’s admin, Elena, posts a variety of booze-related content, including photos of her expertly crafted cocktails. You can find her cocktail recipes by clicking the link in her bio, making them easy to replicate or reinvent.


2. BeautifulBooze  

Just like the name suggests, BeautifulBooze is all about beautiful drinks. Natalie uses her Instagram account to share her stunning concoctions with the cocktail community. She also occasionally does multiple-day series, such as her recent Margarita week. These out-of-the-box recipes can make great additions to your bar menu; they can help you think of new spins on classic cocktails, and they’re also a great way to get you thinking about themed drink weeks.

3. JustMakeMeSomething

“Just make me something” is a term customers use when they trust the bartender enough to amaze their tastebuds. This bartender Instagram account is dedicated to showcasing creative cocktail recipes. It’s run by bartenders, for bartenders. If you want to contribute and inspire other bartenders like yourself, you can post your own cocktail and use the hashtag #justmakemesomething.

4. Apartment_bartender

Craving some creative cocktail recipes with a side of sass? You should follow apartment_bartender. He posts brilliant new cocktail photos and recipes almost daily. His humor, photography, and mixology knowledge will help you power through even your busiest day behind the bar.

5. BostonMixDrink

Beantown has an Instafamous Bar Director! Tenzin Samdo, of Trade Boston, posts pictures of his astonishing, unique cocktail creations. He initially started his Instagram account for fun, but after he quickly acquired hundreds of followers (including companies like Ketel One and Hendrick’s), he decided to make it a serious project. Tenzin posts cocktail photos regularly, and he usually includes his drink recipe with each post. If you’re ever in Boston, be sure to stop by Trade and grab a drink!

6. Tuxedono2

Tuxedono2’s Meredith and Chrissy love to experiment with cocktails. They call themselves the cocktail companions. After some trial and error, they post a minimalistic photo of their final product along with the recipe. If you’re looking for some straightforward drink ideas, be sure to give this account a follow.

7. Brottle

The Bottled Cocktail Community is a great resource for large cocktail batches. Follow their account for a mix of photos and videos that include easy-to-follow batched cocktail recipes. Keep in mind, most of their recipes yield 7 drinks.

8. Punch_drink

PUNCH is an excellent online magazine all about spirits, cocktails, and wine. Their Instagram is simply stunning, and they often include recipes alongside their pictured drinks. Give them a follow to learn about their unique techniques and presentation styles.

9. Cocktail_aficionado

WIDOW’S WORD | .75oz Calvados | .75oz Yellow Chartreuse | .75oz Benedictine | .75oz Lemon | 1 dash Angostura

A photo posted by cocktail_aficionado (@cocktail_aficionado) on

If you want easy-to-find, no nonsense cocktail recipes, you should follow cocktail_aficionado. Each post features a different cocktail, with the ingredients clearly laid out behind it. This Instagram user also includes recipes right in the photo captions, making it easy for bartenders to recreate or replicate his drinks.  

10. Mixologyart

Dedicated to providing cutting-edge services to the bar and liquor industry, the Mixology Art Company only operates outside the U.S. But, lucky for us, their Instagram account is available to everyone! The account posts instructional videos showing the steps in creating specific cocktails as well as beautiful photos of drinks and their recipes. They often showcase interesting drinking glasses and unusual garnishes.

11. BkBeerGuy

Cocktails are key, but it’s also important to keep tabs on the beer industry! Cory Smith, from Brooklyn, NY, is a beer enthusiast and a Good Beer Hunting contributor. His photos are brilliant and so is his beer commentary. If you’re looking to learn about new and different craft beers, you’ll enjoy following him on his journeys. His photos can help you keep up with new beer trends and they might give you some new ideas for your beer list! 

12. Beertography

Follow beertography to stay on top of the craft beer scene. This account posts pictures of craft beers from all around the country, giving followers a taste of true variety. As a bartender, you should know about all different kinds of beer, not just the ones getting all the hype. 

13. Drinkcraftbeer

Not only does this New England-based account post pictures of awesome craft beer, they also tell you what food to pair it with! If you work at a bar or restaurant, beer and food pairings are becoming increasingly important. With the booming craft beer trend, customers are expecting beer and food pairings to become part of the dining experience. Follow this account to familiarize yourself with basic combinations.

14. Wineryexplorers

Want to ramp up your wine list? Follow wineryexplorers to keep a constant flow of wine on your Instagram feed. With photos of bottles from different regions and of different varieties, you’ll have plenty of ideas for which wine to purchase next. 

15. Grapefriend

The grapefriend wants you to have as much fun finding out about wine as you do drinking it. Give her a follow to continuously learn about different wines and become an expert on wine and food pairings.

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16. BevSpothq

A @laphroaig #cocktail overlooking snowy #Brookline @ribellebkline

A photo posted by BevSpot (@bevspothq) on

Follow the behind-the-scenes action at BevSpot! Our Instagram account captures office happenings, industry conferences, and local mixology talent.

Instagram is a great resource for following the alcohol industry and discovering new cocktail recipes. We also have some unique cocktail recipes of our own! Check out our Crafting Cocktail Video and Recipe Series and watch some of Boston’s best bartenders create their signature drinks.


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