SpotOn Preferred Partner Plans & Pricing


/ beverage or food



Cut inventory time & increase profitability on menu items

Starter+ features:

  • Real-time SpotOn integration
  • Inventory on any device
  • Automated ordering & invoice management
  • Loss recording
  • Prepared items & recipe management
  • Automated ingredient level tracking & recipe costing
  • 30-day historical data
  • Menu profitability reporting


/ Month / Account

12-Month Pre-Pay


Expand visibility & access suggestions to increase profits

Starter+ features, plus:

  • Category sales reports
  • COGS
  • Price tracker
  • Unused inventory report
  • Spoilage & loss reporting
  • Excess inventory report
  • Accounting exports & reporting
  • Unlimited historical data
  • Basic training & support


/ Month / Account

12-Month Pre-Pay


Optimize profits by tracking variance & group visibility

Standard features, plus:

  • Product variance & shrinkage reporting
  • Expected inventory
  • Transfer reporting
  • Accounting integrations & customized exports
  • Daily & weekly account email updates
  • Multi-location setup
  • Unlimited Training
  • Dedicated account manager
  • See below for enterprise options


Per Annually



Increase profits with POS sales reporting.

Standard features, plus:

  • Automated variance and menu profitability
  • Expected/perpetual inventory
  • Multi-location reporting

Want Food and Beverage Plans?

Anyone qualifying for a Starter+ subscription will automatically have access to a food and a beverage account. Food and beverage plans are priced separately so you only pay for what you need. Please contact our sales team at 1-857-276-0349 or email us at and we’ll find the plan that is right for you.

For Enterprise Accounts, BevSpot offers:

  • Group-wide onboarding and implementation plan
  • Dedicated Portfolio Account Manager
  • Cross Location Employee Management
  • Customized reports (Aggregated purchasing data, location scorecards, customized accounting exports)
  • Portfolio-wide overview dashboard
  • Location based requisition reporting
  • Guaranteed Portfolio Pricing for all future locations
  • Flexible multi-location Proof of Concept period

Please contact us for pricing.

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