Getting Set Up with BevSpot

Dave first discovered BevSpot when visiting the Nightclub and Bar Expo in Las Vegas, NV. He was familiar with competing platforms, but something about the BevSpot program intrigued him.

The passion of the [BevSpot] team is probably what sold me on it, and how they believe in the product. Another thing was how former bar managers who are part of the BevSpot team believe in the product. It’s one thing if you’re a salesperson who believes in the product. But someone who’s actually experienced in the business [who] can use the product and swear by it, brings some credibility [to] it.

Making the decision to run with BevSpot at The Train Station Pub, Dave acknowledged that the team did run into some speed bumps when first installing the platform.

“It was certainly a learning curve for us. It took a while and took us cleaning up our POS system and reorganizing. We’re not 100% of the way there yet, but I feel like we’re pretty close.”

But, despite this, Dave found that he was impressed with the onboarding program run by BevSpot’s customer success team. In particular, he found that the regular communication he received from the team was essential for keeping his staff on track to reap all the benefits from BevSpot.

“Anytime you’re implementing something new, I think it’s easy for things to go sideways and say you’re too busy and can’t do it. The follow-up from [BevSpot] was great. It wasn’t overbearing, but it kept us accountable to tightening up as best we can.”


The Outcome

Since onboarding with BevSpot, The Train Station Pub’s weekly inventory process hasn’t changed. The efficiency of that process has improved, though, according to Dave.

“It would typically take my bar managers three to four hours, and now they have got it down to an hour and a half. At the end of the day, it’s about shaking hands and kissing babies, so [BevSpot] gives them more time to be out on the floor.”

The Train Station Pub has also seen BevSpot impact their overall bar program. Dave has seen a newly developed trust on the weekly set pars, which has enabled them to tighten up and lower their sitting inventory. He has also noted how his bar managers have a tangible enthusiasm for seeing the data on the BevSpot platform and using it to make their program more efficient.

“You can see it in [their] eyes. When [they] input the PMIX, [they’re] excited to see it and excited to drive the cost to a lower variance.”

Ultimately, Dave finally has access to the information he wants to make smart business decisions for The Train Station Pub’s beverage program.

“[BevSpot] certainly provided us with some valuable information. And there are definitely opportunities for us to capitalize on this information. We’re happy with the partnership.”