Getting Set Up With Bevspot

When she started at the popular Cape Grille, MaryAnne Kondracki faced similar problems that any manager would find at a freshly opened establishment. Standard systems weren’t really in place yet and the brunt of her work was bringing everything under control. In an effort to help stabilize their inventory process, her previous bar manager suggested and put BevSpot in place after finding it online and thinking it would be a good fit at The Cape Grille.

Taking over managing BevSpot and the beverage program after their bar manager left, MaryAnne understood the need to keep everything organized. Tasked with hitting sales numbers, it was difficult for her to track what the numbers should be with function sales previously being mixed in with restaurant sales.

“With my background, I knew variance wasn’t being tracked and the liquor cage was just all one cage with no one tracking it. I was super concerned about that. BevSpot’s help is really huge for liquor tracking.”

Taking advantage of parts of BevSpot’s inventory management platform that her team hadn’t previously utilized, MaryAnne was able to separate her liquor numbers out and successfully track everything using BevSpot. Because of this, she was able to find confidence in establishing those target numbers and goals for The Cape Grille.



Since taking control of The Cape Grille’s BevSpot account, MaryAnne has already seen incredible results in her inventory and ordering processes. No longer does she have to spend a full day of work just to go through their liquor cage to work out what her bar actually needs.

“Taking inventory doesn’t take me very long anymore, because it’s right there and you can work right off an iPad.”

Thanks to BevSpot, she’s also been able to get a more real-time handle of the health of their inventory levels and establish reliable trust in what the numbers should look like.

“I’m trying to run a tight ship. We’re trying to keep our costs to a certain percentage. To overorder liquor just to get to your minimums is a very frustrating part of the business. But, before, it was that much more work trying to figure out what you need to order.”


MaryAnne has also really enjoyed the ease of BevSpot’s ordering system.

“The liquor ordering is incredibly easy. I adore the cart. I can just press the button and go, which is amazing.”

Something that MaryAnne is pleasantly surprised hasn’t been an issue for The Cape Grille is employee theft. With the information that BevSpot provides, she knows that if this issue ever rears its ugly head, she will be able to quickly identify it and shut it down.

“In restaurants, theft is always the biggest worry. With BevSpot, it’s easy to see that alcohol is not going missing, which is huge.”

With all these benefits, MaryAnne had quickly understood the value that BevSpot has provided for The Cape Grille’s beverage program. As they prepare for the next summer season with all the program changes that are going to come with it, MaryAnne is confident moving forward thanks to BevSpot.

“I need to anticipate and be ready with accurate figures whenever my employers need them. I’ve got to keep a close eye on all of these areas.”