Getting set up with Bevspot

After coming across BevSpot, Craig bought into the concept immediately.

“BevSpot is a product I’ve been trying to find for over a decade.”

In his past work at a chain establishment, he worked with a similar system focused on food inventory. Working as an independent owner, Craig found a lack of good solutions that would enable him to make good business decisions based on the numbers. In his experience before discovering BevSpot, he was ultimately forced to make decisions based on gut feeling and personal perceptions. Craig also found challenges with traditional pen-and-paper spreadsheets in consistently getting accurate and reliable numbers that his management team would believe.

After a brief demo, he quickly made the decision to sign up with BevSpot. Craig was able to bolster his decision with his experience onboarding with BevSpot.

“[The onboarding process] was seamless and super easy. The [implementation team] was able to tell us any mistakes that we made and fix them right away. It was painless.”


The Outcome

With BevSpot in place, Craig was able to immediately see results. His bar management team has been able to reduce their weekly inventory time by four to five hours down to about an hour a week. Ordering is also now a short and painless process for Nosh & Grog, taking only a few moments each week and having a digital record to refer to for vendor mistakes.

Craig has been working to specifically target and improve his bar program piece by piece. Within weeks of implementing BevSpot, he was able to bring down beer and wine variance down to single digit percentages. He also began to quickly identify badly-performing products to feature as specials and move off his shelves, being much more in tune with actual product costs with BevSpot.

“Not only was that inventory that did not turn over quickly, it was extra cash sitting on the shelf.  Easily seeing what items were moving quickly and which ones were collecting dust helped us make key decisions to restructure and streamline our program.”

Craig has also found great support from the BevSpot customer success team. Touching base with his Customer Success representative, Chris Bobola, at least once a week, Craig found Nosh & Grog a dependable business partner in BevSpot.

“[Chris] doesn’t just know your computer system. He knows restaurant and bar operations, which is huge. Sometimes you talk to somebody from a POS company and you’re pulling your hair out, because they don’t get it. They don’t get what you’re asking for. He completely gets that side. And he’s been totally open to suggestions [from us]. It feels like a partnership.”

Craig couldn’t be happier to have a firmer grasp of how his business is doing with real numbers to back up his decisions. Ultimately, Nosh & Grog has seen incredible improvements in the performance of their bar program across the board since joining forces with BevSpot.