Getting Set Up With BevSpot

After struggling with inefficient systems in past bars, Marlon didn’t want that to be the case with HOBNOB.

“Our labor costs for inventory were pretty crazy. We had a very large bar and a large wine cellar and storage area, which took a tremendous amount of time to try to count and decipher, and we had multiple people doing that—it was really inefficient.”

The other headaches he faced with pen-and-paper systems—headaches like trying to manually interpret his employees’ handwriting—were also issues he really didn’t want to have to tackle again.


When searching for the right platform, Marlon originally stumbled upon a different app for inventory management. However, after trying BevSpot at Candy Apple, which he helped manage before it was sold, he soon discovered that BevSpot gave him more in-depth tools and insights into the health of his bar. He also enjoyed the convenience in inventory input, as well as the ease of training staff to use the system, and he decided to install BevSpot at HOBNOB.

“It takes a little bit of time to get set up, and that’s just because it’s foreign to you, but [BevSpot] has great customer service who answered any questions I had.”

Marlon also appreciated the amount of help he received during the onboarding process.

“Most of the heavy lifting was done on [BevSpot’s] end. I wasn’t doing much, which was great. Everyone has been fantastic. The whole team has been pretty hands on.”

The Outcome

After being set up in BevSpot, Marlon immediately began reaping the benefits. His time spent doing inventory has “shrunk dramatically.” His ordering time has also been streamlined, which has led to HOBNOB running out of its most popular drinks and product much less frequently.

“I really like the smart par feature that shortens the length of time walking around the bar trying to figure out what you need to order. Now, I have my pars set and I just hit that button and it automatically populates your orders for you. So, BevSpot has helped me be able to make sure I have things on hand.”

BevSpot has also brought added value to HOBNOB outside of its inventory and ordering features. For a brand new establishment with a strong focus on its cocktail program, the data and sales insights that BevSpot offered to Marlon were crucial in guiding his team in the right direction.


“Being a new restaurant, you’re always thinking about those bottom lines, and the numbers don’t lie. With BevSpot, I have access to that information and it helps us create different cocktails or run specials on products that aren’t moving and get them out of the way so that we have more room for new items.”

BevSpot’s pour cost calculator has also helped Marlon give his bar staff the right mentality when crafting new cocktails to feature on the menu.

“[It’s] helping me not only train my staff to be better bartenders, but also to think like bar managers.”

So, when Marlon and his team are playing around with a new cocktail, it’s not just ‘does this taste good?’, it’s ‘is this profitable for us?’ “Will we be able to sustain getting these ingredients at a reasonable cost, and how does this help the business move forward?”

With all the tools and business insights that BevSpot has been able to provide for HOBNOB, Marlon is grateful for making the decision when he did.