What were the biggest problems that drove you to signing up for BevSpot?

“I came from a bar where we used pen and paper. It was a high volume bar, so inventory would take hours to complete. After calculating usages, I then would have to put everything into an Excel sheet that was created by someone not familiar with the food and beverage industry, which made things even more difficult. I was looking for something that would streamline my time and energy, help speed up the process of inventory, and make sure it was completely accurate.”

How did you hear about BevSpot and what made you decide to try it at your establishment?

“One day, I was looking up a bar pricing calculator program and it took me to BevSpot’s Drink Price Calculator. I signed up to use the calculator and was impressed immediately.”

What was your experience like implementing BevSpot?

“The implementation was about a one-week process when it came to just setting up the system, cross-referencing our suppliers, and making sure everything lined up. The process was one of the easiest set-ups I have ever had with a LBW (liquor, beer, wine) [system] in any part of the industry. BevSpot was incredibly supportive. I loved how much they checked up on our process and were available when we needed them.”

What has your experience been like working with the BevSpot Customer Success team?

“It has been an incredible experience working with the CS team. I interface every day with the program and I have gotten help whenever I have needed it. They check up on our process at least three times a month to make sure we’re having success with the program.”

What results have you seen after using BevSpot from a business standpoint?

“[BevSpot] has helped streamline and cut our costs at a substantial rate. The tools they have and the data they present have really focused our buying in the right area and cut excess when needed. For being a relatively new company, [BevSpot] has really found the key to support and grow the bar business. Could not be happier!”