Getting Set Up With BevSpot

With The Clubs at St. James Plantation being managed by Troon Golf and part of its membership program Troon Privé, Lindsey caught wind of a deal between BevSpot and other Troon properties. Feeling the pain of her tedious and inefficient inventory and ordering processes, she jumped onto the plan to install BevSpot at all of the restaurants at The Clubs at St. James Plantation:

“[I was all for] anything that we could do to make our inventory process easier.”

Heading up the project, Lindsey found that onboarding with BevSpot was much more approachable than some of the other technology solutions that The Clubs at St. James Plantation had tried to implement in the past.

“The onboarding process was a lot smoother than I thought it would be.  Some staff have been hesitant to try new technology, but they all jumped on this and were eager to learn how to use it.”

The Outcome

After completing the onboarding process, Lindsey started seeing incredible improvements from BevSpot across the board quickly. With BevSpot, her team turned what was previously a 5-hour ordering process into less than 20 minutes for each manager. The restaurants at St. James also saw 2 to 3 hours of inventory reduced down to 20 minutes. More importantly, Lindsey began to see much higher cost efficiency in all of their beverage programs.


“[BevSpot] really helped us to stay on top of our cost control. Because our inventory was only updated month-to-month, you really weren’t paying attention to it. [BevSpot] is giving us more accurate and real-time numbers, which allows us to see where we need to adjust price points.”

Lindsey also appreciates the continued support she has received from the BevSpot Customer Success team. Working hand-in-hand with her own representative to help improve her beverage programs, the Customer Success team as a whole has been quick to catch any mistakes that might have happened and alert Lindsey about them promptly.

“It’s been a great process to work with the [Customer Success] team and you get that personal backup [from them].”

While her staff has certainly benefited from BevSpot, Lindsey has also seen positives from a personal standpoint. She no longer needs to be physically tethered to the property when inventories and ordering are taking place, and can enjoy the comfort of managing and overseeing the process from afar when needed with BevSpot.

“I’m connected when I need to be and can put it down when I don’t need to be. I was actually able to go on from my iPad from home and show a manager [doing inventory] this is where you’re off. It’s great that I don’t have to say to wait until I come in or to screenshot it to me.”

Lindsey was also happy to see improvements in a common concern when adopting BevSpot: St. James’ relationship with their distributors’ representatives.


“What I have seen is that our local reps have now been able to come in show us some new product and not just ask what our orders are for that week. It really gives them an opportunity to come in and sell more.”

Overall, Lindsey could not be more satisfied with how BevSpot has improved her beverage programs across the board. She is looking forward to continue building on the relationship between The Clubs at St. James Plantation and BevSpot.