Getting Set Up With BevSpot

Hearing about BevSpot through a former employee and running it by a few local industry contacts, Andrew made the decision to run a trial at Alibi, which would eventually expand into a full purchase of BevSpot’s software.

At the start, Andrew was able to quickly get the system online at Alibi Bar & Lounge. With the help of BevSpot’s in-house onboarding team, he was able to take the necessary data directly from Alibi’s POS system and quickly get it uploaded onto BevSpot’s platform.

“Everything was really easy to set up. We had everything ready to go within a few days.”

Getting a personal walkthrough from one of BevSpot’s onboarding team members, Andrew noted how easy it was to pick up BevSpot and how intuitive it was, not only for him but also his staff.

“The visualization aspect of BevSpot helps my assistant managers a great deal when they are doing inventory.”


The Outcome

After getting fully set up onto BevSpot, Andrew was pleasantly surprised to find that BevSpot made almost an immediate and significant impact on his own personal workload. With BevSpot’s software, Andrew was able to spend his time more efficiently on different aspects of Alibi’s program such as improving guest hospitality, fine-tuning his drink pricing, and developing new and exciting cocktails.

“BevSpot simplified everything and really took a lot of work off of my plate.”

He also noted how easy it was to use the system to monitor his establishment and to send in orders, even when he was away from his establishment.

“I was just out of town for a couple of days. Using BevSpot, I put all of my orders in at the airport and it took me all of five minutes to do.”

As Andrew continued to get a better handle of his beverage program with the help of BevSpot’s platform, he also received ample support from BevSpot’s in-house customer success team with any issues that arose.

“We always get super quick feedback. It’s really been a blessing, because the people I worked with before had a bit of a lag time. For me, it’s been a great experience whether it be an email, text, call, or online chat. People help me out and make sure we get what we need.”


Andrew also found BevSpot to be useful when interacting with his owner and upper management team.

“It’s always nice when our owner or COO walks in and asks me what our pour costs are at and I can check within two clicks of a button. Being able to monitor the pour costs and variance is huge. BevSpot also really helps us with pricing to make sure we’re maximizing our profit.”

Any reservations that Andrew had about signing up with BevSpot have been eliminated as he’s seen more and more improvements since implementing the platform into Alibi. While he understands that other managers and owners might have similar reservations about using BevSpot, he cannot stress enough to them the value that he’s seen from using BevSpot.

“The time saved alone is worth the money spent on BevSpot, because you get that back to focus on other things that will make you money. On the other hand, it will also save you money by being able to tighten up the ship and catch when you’re over-pouring, pricing things wrong, or over-ordering.”