Nick D’Amore

Contributing Writer

Always searching for bars and restaurants that deliver an earnest experience, Nick D’Amore’s ideal establishment is made of equal parts craftsmanship, personality and commitment (and an orange twist). He enjoys a delicately structured French dish as much as a slice at the nearest house of pizza.

Nick is a writer; but he’s also a barista, an outdoor educator and a wannabe chef. In other words, he spends his days living, sharing and dreaming, in a world of food, drink, and hospitality. By splitting his time between jobs in different industries, he gets to explore his passions. By writing about his experiences, he gets to share them and consider the ways in which they are related. He hopes to one day find a way to integrate them to create his own ideal establishment. Until then, you can find him at a dinner table or on top of a mountain.

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