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2-Minute Tuesdays: Crafting a Winning Team Culture

By Trevor Bernatchez

Trevor Bernatchez

May 9, 2019

Culture building always has to start from the top so it can work it’s way down, and without your direct attention, it’s really easy to lose track of.

In our most recent edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays, Sr. Manager of Customer Education Trevor Bernatchez, outlines the basic traits manager should have to craft a winning team culture.

Read on to learn more, or watch the whole video (~2 mins) above.

Your work culture helps define expectations around how the team is meant to function before, during, and after a shift.

Culture building always has to start from the top so it can work it’s way down, and without your direct attention, it’s really easy to lose track of.

There are six basic traits that managers and owners should have in order to craft a sustainable and effective team culture:

1) Trust:
It starts with trust across all levels of your team, and you need to get your staff to buy into the overall vision for the business in order for this to take hold. If the managers are bought into the vision, they’ll be able to properly lead the team with confidence, and in turn, build trust among the hourly staff that they won’t lead them astray.

2) Communication:

Once you have that level of trust, the next thing to focus on is creating open avenues of communication. This is a key element in order to build a sustainable culture.  Make sure you designate clear roles and responsibilities, and streamline your methods of communication as much as possible.

Being a clear communicator will help you master our next trait, which is adaptability…

3) Adaptability:

You have to be flexible in your management and coaching style. Something that’s often forgotten by managers is that not everyone responds to training methods the same way. When you are running 1:1 and group sessions with staff members, remember that some people will need a more guided, hands-on approach, while others might need to dive right in and learn on the fly.

The next trait plays heavily into adaptability, and that is awareness…

4) Awareness:

Not only do managers need to be aware of how their behavior affects the team, but they also need to know their team members well enough to spot when something is off. Team members are the ones who bring in the profits for the company, so managers need to be the one at the restaurant who supports them through their ups and downs.

Having this level of awareness of yourself and your team members is going to bring you closer together and make working as a team much easier…

5) Teamwork:

The old saying ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ might be played out a bit, but it doesn’t make it any less true. One of my biggest issues is managers that run teams like a dictatorship, and didn’t lift a finger to help. Having managers that are willing to lead by example and take on any task, no matter how menial, will go a long way in gaining the respect and trust of your entire team.

6) Passion:

Another sign of a great owner or manager is their passion to keep learning themselves, and keep educating their staff to help further their careers by focusing on personal and professional goals.

Staff members and managers who collaborate and grow together create an exciting environment to work in, and a welcoming place to visit as a guest.


These are just some of the ways that you can craft the team culture you are looking for, but you should definitely find the management style that works best for your personality.


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