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Easily sync your POS with BevSpot to see your real-time inventory data and streamline ordering.

Ordering off of your Expected Inventory (aka Perpetual Inventory) can save you the headache of having to run around and count product multiple times a week. With this data, you’ll know exactly how much product you have on the shelf at a moment’s notice.


Getting started with BevSpot's Expected Inventory


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Once your account is set up, take inventory right from your phone or tablet, or even on multiple devices.

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Integrate your POS.

BevSpot connects sales and inventory to your POS system for a complete, real-time picture of what you’re selling.

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Free Trail - Expected

View your real-time Expected Inventory.

Cut down on the amount of time spent taking counts each week and use your Expected Inventory data to get better insights into how your operation runs.


Order off your Expected Inventory data.

We can even take your Expected Inventory data and build out a recommended shopping cart, placing accurate orders with all your vendors in just a few clicks.

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